Our Expertise

At Airstar, we are here to assist you in your pursuit of:

  • Defining your technology roadmap;
  • Optimising the network design;
  • Testing, validating and deploying a new network; and
  • Planning and managing the migration to a new network.

Network Life-Cycle Approach

Our capabilities are made accessible within the framework of a network life-cycle approach.
Our end-to-end view of the life cycle, at a high level, is comprised of four phases.


We help your business stay ahead of the competition as we architect and design your ideal network suited for the cloud.

Our capabilities include:

  • Assessing your current environment and developing a roadmap for network creation that satisfies your business and technology requirements
  • Developing high-level architectural design and low-level design of network devices, configurations, and interconnections.
  • Project planning encompassing responsibilities, timelines, and dependencies.


We accelerate the building and deployment process, thus, reducing the time to get business value from your new network design. To do so, Airstar focuses on network testing, deployment, integration and migration, so that you could deploy a fast, secure network, quickly. Expect easy migration and minimized deployment risks, along with maximized performance

Airstar has vast experience aiding our customers in their integration into a multivendor environment, and also their migration from one platform to another. Subsequently, they enjoy smooth cutover, with little to no disruption to their services, applications, or users. While these capabilities help in your migration planning and execution, they also help you master the necessary tools and processes to manage the migration process more effectively.

Furthermore, we conduct laboratory testing of your new network, as well as the installation, configuration, integration, and cutover to the new network. Our experienced consultants and the use of proven processes and technologies make these tests possible, which validates that a proposed solution satisfies your requirements.


Applicable to any and all network projects in Malaysia and globally, our capabilities range from campus to WAN, data centre to security, and across all types of customer organizations. These services include the combination of technical, administrative, managerial, and supervisory roles, integral to tests, measurements, replacements, adjustments, and repairs

Airstar’s Maintenance Support and Services expertise are categorized as follows:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Adaptive maintenance
  • Corrective/ Perfective maintenance

Through our network operations center, we offer support services for telecommunication that allows for a predictive and preventative monitoring of faulty networks or serious outages. At the same time, Airstar provides information to assist in the optimization and performance of your new infrastructure or framework.

Tailored to meet customers’ requirements, our support services model includes:

  • Remote access support
  • Call centre support
  • On-site support

With these services, our customers can rely on a secure system with round-the-clock, proactive remote network monitoring and management.

Additionally, reap the cost-saving benefits of our premium services so you could achieve more with less, with our team of native experts, which includes:

  • Resident Consultant
  • Resident Engineer
  • Technical Engineer


We promote skills development and knowledge transfer among your team members throughout your network life cycle. Our training and workshops facilitate in extracting maximum value from your network, via a combination of custom, on-site knowledge transfer from consultants, as well as extensive formal training classes conducted by Airstar.

  • Networking product & technology
  • Knowledge transfer

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