With the current projects undertaking, Airstar is determine to provide the very best End to End solutions to our customers. Therefore the needs of high tech lab that fully equipped with the latest network and carrier equipment is a MUST.

Network Architecture Expert

Our lab been designed by certified network architecture expert that will enable to mirror the whole Malaysian network infrastructure starts from the low end technology of fiber and back bone to the IP and Core environment. We are proud to announce that we are the only local bumiputera company that has all of this skill sets and technology.

Wide Range of Supports

With our wide range of supports all over Malaysia, our lab is designed to be fully remote to all of our regional support teams. By having this is an extra advantages to ensure that any testing and findings can be done as soon as possible. The continuous connections and good supports from our partners is our key of success to provide this new era of supports just for the peace of mind to the customers.

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